Yume no Sekai

Inner thougths and reflections

Something about me? Hmm...

1. I love TVXQ!
2. I like Kpop and a bit of Jpop.
3. I love pastries and cakes.
4. I hate insects and frogs.
5. I love sleeping.
6. I don't like sunny days.
7. I don't like rainy days either. XP
8. I was previously in love with a guy named Akanishi Jin. [Nyahahahaha!]
9. I was previously a JE/Kat-tun fan. Oh the Shonen Club days....
10. I love Yoosu! Yoosu fangirl in the house!
11. I love reading fanfics. Yoosu/Yunjae fics are the best!
12. I can be really emotional at times. Pessimistic as well.
13. For some reason I like posting rants.
14. I can be really loud at times.
15. I love to eat! Well not like Changmin, but I do appreciate good food.


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